Ketogenic Meal Plan

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A fat-packed, ultra low-carb meal plan to kick the body from glucose dependency to ketosis.

Our 7 day Ketogenic meal plan and recipes are a healthy twist on a 'typical' keto diet which is usually packed with dairy products and often lacking in vegetables. This meal plan is completely dairy-free. Instead of relying on cheese as a staple ingredient for low-carb recipes, we've included a wide range of more nutrient-dense, high-fiber ingredients. Net carbs are approximately 30g/day or less.

We have acknowledged the difference between fiber and other carbohydrates, as fiber is not digested and converted into glucose. The vast majority of carbohydrates on this plan come from fiber, so they will not prevent ketosis. They will, however, support a healthy GI-tract and make for a happier, healthier individual.

This Ketogenic meal plan is designed for the purpose of promoting general health and wellness through ketosis. It is intended for those who are not currently dealing with compromised digestion, including fat digestion and biliary/gallbladder distress. It is not intended to treat any disease.

Meal Plan includes:

✔ 7 day meal planner
✔ 13 recipes, scaled to 2 people*
✔ Shopping list for the week
✔ Meal prep guide for the week
✔ Nutrition info per meal
✔ Nutrition info per day

Recipes included:

✔ Bulletproof Latte
✔ Eggvocado
✔ Bacon, Eggs, Avocado & Sauerkraut
✔ Salt n' Vinegar Hard Boiled Eggs

✔ Olive Medley
✔ Smoked Salmon Wrapped Avocado
✔ One Pan Mediterranean Trout
✔ Sausage, Broccoli & Cabbage Stir Fry
✔ Pesto Noodles with Poached Egg
✔ Smoked Salmon Salad
✔ Roasted Chicken with Zucchini & Olives
✔ Cauliflower Shepherd's Pie
✔ Celery with Sunflower Seed Butter
✔ Dark Chocolate
✔ Macadamia Nuts

*Recipes easily scale down to one, or up to 4 by doubling, or up to 6 by tripling. Be sure to increase or decrease the quantity of items on your shopping list accordingly, as well.