Acne: What does it actually mean?

Do you suffer from adult acne? It is so frustrating! On occasion, I have a breakout here and there, but honestly they aren't so random. For me, I know that when I have poor quality dairy or a lot of sugar, I will have a breakout on my cheeks or forehead.

But, what does this mean?

I want to introduce you to face mapping. Face mapping is correlating the acne on your face to something occurring in your body.

  • Forehead: Digestive issues, poor diet, stress, liver issues, dehydration.
  • Temples/Eyebrows: Circulation, need for gallbladder support, processed foods and alcohol consumption.
  • Nose: Poor diet, blood pressure issues, need for pancreas support.
  • Cheeks: Need for lung or liver support, stress, overeating, digestive issues.
  • Mouth/Lips: Constipation or dehydration.
  • Chin: Hormone and endocrine system imbalances, kidney issues.

Cool, right? Well not cool if you're dealing with a breakout, but hopefully this will give you something to think about! If you're looking for some immediate relief, check out Clearity, an essential oil blend that contains soothing witch hazel and rose water - I created this blend specifically to help balance acne prone skin!

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