As a Functional Practitioner and Supplement Specialist, I am able to provide professional-grade supplements to you through my online dispensary. Please note: You should always purchase supplements from a reputable pharmaceutical and professional-grade company to ensure purity and quality. Purchasing supplements from general big box stores and large online companies that do not specialize in supplements only puts you at risk for low quality products (even those marketed under top quality brands are questionable when handled poorly and resold, or even counterfeit), as well as totally wasting your money.



For your convenience, I have made my online dispensary at FullScript available to you. All you need to do is create a FREE account below that I am able to monitor as needed, and you will have access to the best quality supplements and discounts from top of the line professional brands.

Benefits of the Primally Balanced FullScript™ Dispensary:

  • Free account
  • Access to top professional brands
  • Exclusive discounts on every order
  • Free shipping over $50
  • Supplements shipped directly to your door
  • Zero commitments and no auto-ship obligations
  • Supplement swap option: If a supplement is on back order, FullScript will provide you with a comparable option for your convenience.
  • Nutritional Therapy Clients: Direct access to your personalized supplement protocol and supplement recommendations.

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Before you start any new supplement or protocol, please seek the guidance from your primary care physician and review the full disclaimer.