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Handcrafted Functional Oil Blends

Through a functional wellness approach, Lorraine Nichols, FNTP, FSS, has combined the power of Nutritional Therapy with handcrafted therapeutic grade essential oil blends to support and balance the body naturally. Each blend has been meticulously formulated by Lorraine to address specific areas of stress and concern in the body.

Energize in the morning and rest in the evening by supporting your adrenals. Regain your focus in the afternoon by addressing mindset. Soothe problematic skin areas, or even manage digestive issues as needed. Lorraine has taken great care to ensure the blend you choose will compliment your path to wellness.

If this is a gift, and you're not sure which option is the perfect fit - select the Primally Balanced Gift Card and allow your friend or family member to choose their own blend!

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