The Animal-Based Diet

I am often asked what kind of "diet" or lifestyle I recommend to clients, or follow myself. My answer is simple, but is often met with a lot of questions. I recommend an animal-based diet, and here is why. An animal-based diet is based on ancestral and evolutionary human development. This includes meat, organs, animal fat, low toxic fruits, raw honey, and if tolerated, raw or A2 dairy!

animal-based food pyramid

Sound too radical? Read on...

If you're able to take a step back and think about human evolution, and how we developed over the last 2-3 million years, you will quickly realize that processed grains and sugar were not the evolutionary pivot that developed our brains into the humans we are today.

Neither was kale or celery. Sure, plants contain nutrients, but animal-based foods like meat, organs, and fat, far outweigh the nutritional and MICRO nutrient density profile of plants. Not to mention stems, some roots, leaves, and seeds (including nuts) are highly defended chemically, making them difficult to digest, creating inflammation in the body. Fruits on the other hand, like citrus, bananas, even squash, and pumpkin are less toxic and easier to digest. When ripe the plant creates a sweet fruit for animals to consume so their seeds can be deposited elsewhere.

In my educated opinion, it's safe to conclude that nutrients from animals are superior to plants, and should be the foundation of a human diet.

Logically speaking, when was the last time you saw a salad painted on an ancestral cave wall, or a hunting tribe celebrating their successful spinach hunt?

Do stems, leaves, roots, and seeds have their place? Absolutely, therapeutically, as medicine. For example, beets can be wonderful for liver support. But if you consume them daily without an acute problem, then your body can become overloaded with oxalates.

Everyone is a bio-individual with different needs, not no one needs a bowl of Lucky Charms to survive. Nor do they need a head of iceberg lettuce to meet the nutrient profile of ideal human nutrition. We have forgotten our roots (no pun intended), and what made us human.

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