Are you deficient in magnesium?

Did you know that in general, most Americans (some reports say upwards of 90%) are chronically deficient in magnesium? Let's see if you can identify with any of the signs or symptoms:

• muscle twitches, spasms, or cramping
• fatigue or muscle weakness
• calcium deficiency/osteoporosis
• crave sugar
• anxiety or depression
• hypertensive/high blood pressure
• hormone imbalances
• sleep issues
• low energy
• morning sickness in pregnancy
• chocolate cravings
• smelly feet

The list can go on as magnesium is a co-factor for other minerals, so if you're deficient in mag then your body can't use the other minerals either - especially calcium. In the long run all of these issues can become chronic conditions involving major organ systems, so identifying the deficiency early on is imperative to your long term health.

A major reason for magnesium deficiency is poor digestion, but also poor nutrition. You can increase your mag naturally by supporting your digestion and eating mag rich foods such as leafy greens, bananas, almonds, pumpkin seeds, avocados, dark chocolate, etc.

Other options include epsom salt baths, topical magnesium lotions, or you can take 200-400mg* of a good quality magnesium before bed. Mag is a relaxant, so taking it before bed will encourage restful sleep and muscle recovery.

Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate is a great capsule option available at the Primally Balanced FullScript Dispensary.

*If you suspect complete adrenal exhaustion, I would advise against high levels of magnesium until we have supported your adrenals first.

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