Binge Eating: Will power may not be your problem

So you're going along on your healthy eating lifestyle and BAM! The next 2 hours or 2 days is a total blur of binge eating.


Guess what? While you're beating yourself up because you "fell off the wagon" or "didn't have enough will power" your body tells a different story.

Binge eating can be a sign of blood sugar dysregulation, low adrenal function, and more often than not low HCl production (stomach acid). In addition, you may very well be dealing with some neurotransmitter issues in your brain that are still recovering from your LAST binge and seeking sustenance in the form of glucose.

Who knew, that your will power isn't really all that it's cracked up to be...

This information shouldn't be used as an EXCUSE to binge eat, but instead a TOOL to alert you to a deeper issue at play.

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