Is Keto right for me?

By now, surely you have heard about the Keto Kraze... You know what is funny about this craze? It isn't actually a new fad diet, it's been around for decades upon decades! However, main stream media and marketing companies have latched on to the Ketogenic Diet and are having a field day. Keto is being marketed as a magic pill that is right for anyone, and fixes everyone.

Unfortunately, that means there is a lot of Keto-gone-wrong out there, because companies are attempting to monetize on what is popular. Keto at it's core is nutrient dense, whole foods with an emphasis on vegetables, higher healthy fats, and a moderate about of quality protein. The second you see Keto at fast food restaurants or advertised in processed packaged foods - you know you're looking at Keto-gone-wrong.

The Ketogentic Diet is a wonderful therapeutic tool, if used properly - but it still doesn't make it right for everyone. We are all bio-individuals and our bodies encompass different genetic make-ups. Saying or thinking there is a one-size fits all approach to nutrition is just silly and essentially dangerous.

Maybe you have tried Keto with great results, WONDERFUL! I too have tried keto, in fact I dropped a chunk of change on a program designed to get women into ketosis safely. I am even friends with the Keto King himself, Jimmy Moore, and absolutely love his work. However, even though I personally did Keto correctly with real, whole, nutrient dense foods it wasn't good for my body at this stage in my healing journey. I actually ended up in the emergency room due to gallbladder and pancreas complications.

So before you jump on the Keto train ask yourself if any of the following statements are TRUE. If so, you may want to rethink your approach or work with a practitioner to see if the Keto Diet is right for you.

  • New to the high fat way of eating.
  • Currently have hormone imbalance.
  • Chronically fatigued.
  • Any acute stress in the body.
  • Suffer from gallbladder attacks or pain under the right rib cage.
  • Notice digestive issues after eating.
  • Often workout intensely, such as CrossFit.

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