3 Ways to Address Joint Pain

Joint pain is something that plagues more people than most of us realize. Stiff, achy joints are something we just deal with as we get older, right? It comes with the territory. Uh, WRONG.

There are 3 main root causes of joint pain:

  1. Chronic dehydration
  2. Fatty acid deficiency
  3. Food intolerance related inflammation

Granted, there may be an injury or other issues at play as well - but generally speaking, most of the time you're dealing with 1, 2, or 3.

How do we fix it?

  1. Drink water, with electrolytes. I'm talking a good quality mineral drops with sea salt. I love ConcenTrace drops by Trace Minerals (available at https://primallybalanced.com/pages/supplements).
  1. Eat some healthy fats, and digest them well. Avocado, olives, coconut, etc. Eat in a rested state and if other digestive issues are a concern you may need a digestive enzyme to get you back on track. I love Thorne Research BPP.

    A great fish oil supplement can be very helpful as well. I often recommend Wiley's Finest.

  2. Remove inflammatory foods or those causing a sensitivity. Refined sugar, gluten/grains, processed seed oils like canola/cotton/soybean/vegetable, and possibly dairy. Any one of those or a combination can be causing systemic inflammation.

Results may not come overnight, however in time, reversing the systemic inflammation by making the changes above can eliminate, or at least minimize, joint pain in most individuals -  even the elderly. Additional supplements may be needed based on the individual, but this is a great place to start.

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