Measure your progress without a timeline.

How often do we get frustrated because we aren't healing fast enough or our new lifestyle isn't "working" in a few weeks?

Really stop and think. No matter what your health concerns is... How long did you try to recover, heal, lose the weight, or do the thing before you decided it wasn't working?

Now I want you to think about how long it took you to get to this point? How long have you been feeling symptoms, how long have you been gaining the weight, how long has it honestly been since you've felt your best?

Given that knowledge, how do you think you'll recover in days, weeks, or even a few months?

Our bodies are constantly seeking homeostasis. We are continually healing, innately. However, two, three, or four decades of abuse, damage, stress, dehydration, and poor nutrition will not reverse in a few weeks.

Our bodies are made of cells, and cells are literally made from the food you eat, the substances you consume or put on your body, and the air you breathe. Cells only turn over so fast, and in some cases it takes years.

I am not telling you this to discourage you. I'm telling you this to remind you that healing and recovery take time. Give yourself grace and patience.

Use other tools to measure your journey, not just the end game:

• Sleep quality
• Energy levels
• Lack of brain fog
• Digestion improvement
• Flexibility/Mobility
• Memory/Cognitive function
• Cravings for nutritious foods
• Attitude/Mood

Your body wants to heal. Give it the tools, and then give it the time.

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