Tips for Optimal Hydration

Is drinking just any water, by itself, good enough? No! Here's why...

Regular tap water is full of chemicals and contaminants. Not only the chemicals cities add like chlorine and fluoride, but also aluminum, arsenic, lead, pesticides, herbicides, uranium, excess copper and iron. There have even been reports of prescriptions including antibiotics and opiates, including birth control - yuck, what? 🤢

Tips for Optimal Hydration
Drink filtered water or mineral water from a clean source. Clean water is absolutely a privilege, and shouldn't be taken lightly. We are fortunate to have this option.

In addition to clean water, add a pinch of sea salt or mineral drops - especially if you're drinking reverse osmosis or distilled water. Water and our bodies seek a mineral balance of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and others. By adding minerals to your water, your body is able to utilize the water without pulling minerals from your body... ensuring optimal hydration and mineral balance in the body!

👉Best tip I have would be to get 16 ounces of water in first thing in the morning. Rehydrate, and get your cells fired up for the day!

🥤I always take a drink when I hear someone say "water" or I see someone take a drink of something. Sounds silly, but I drink a lot of water that way!

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