Poor Gut Health = Allergies

Raise your hand if you were aware that 80% of the immune system is located in the gut. Most people don't attribute digestive issues with allergies, arthritis, autoimmune diseases (IBS, acne, chronic fatigue), mood disorders, autism, dementia or cancer. Guess what? It all starts in the gut.

Also, just because "you feel fine" when you eat a certain food, it doesn't mean your body isn't screaming.

Those allergies every spring, that dry itchy patch on your eye lid or on your wrist, that nagging ache between your shoulder blades, your lack of mobility, acne, that cold/strep/respiratory infection you get 3 times a year that ends up needing antibiotics... that's your body begging for help. That's your gut, likely, in an unhealthy state.

➡️How can you start to heal your gut?

Before any healing or recovery can take place, before any supplements can assist - you must remove the inflammatory foods.

Processed foods, hydrogenated oils like canola, soybean, and vegetable, gluten (and in some cases all grains), low fat dairy (and in some cases all dairy), corn and soy tend to be irritants - and most of all SUGAR.

Start by removing some or all of these items and then your body will have a fighting chance to innately recover. If additional support is needed, that's where supplements come in, especially healing foods, and a practitioner who specializes in gut balancing.

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