Your Period: You've been lied to.

Let's talk periods. I'd say sorry to the guys, but I'm not. You have a mother, and you may have a sister, a daughter, a spouse, or a friend that needs to hear this too. Heck, my husband is the one that told me to look into alternatives to tampons because HE CARES about the toxins in my body. So, listen up!

The menstrual cycle is normal and natural, and maybe if discussed more women wouldn't suffer in silence and be uneducated about what is and isn't normal.

How many of you have painful cramps, or suffer from intense PMS, or even have completely irregular cycles? What about extremely heavy flows, or no period at all, or acne associate with your cycle? How many of you have been told this is normal and to not worry about it, or to go on hormonal birth control to manage these symptoms?


You've been lied to. None of these symptoms are "normal" and hormonal birth control is a band-aid, and quite frankly a dangerous one at that.

The menstrual cycle should be roughly 24-36 days in length. There is a range due to bio-individuality. Extremely painful cramping, acne, and intense PMS is not normal, nor is an irregular cycle or no period at all. This is your body telling you that there is a foundational issue that needs addressed and you're dealing with some hormonal imbalances.

Can these issues be addressed without hormonal birth control? By all means!

If you would like to learn more, I urge you to work with a practitioner to regain balance in your body. Also, a great resource to read on your own is the Period Repair Manual by Dr Lara Briden.

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