The Balanced Challenge FAQs

Q: Do I have to drink coffee or green tea to complete the challenge?
A: No, however the coffee and tea both contain powerful ganoderma and a large part of your results are due to the benefits of the ganoderma.

Q: Can I add things to my coffee or tea?
A: Absolutely! Just make sure the additives align with your other 3 personalized recommendations.

Q: Are there workout requirements for the challenge?
A: Nope! However, your personalized recommendations may include some sort of light movement, walking, or stretching.

Q: What is ganoderma?
A: Click here to view my recent blog post explaining what ganoderma is and why it's so beneficial!

Q: How can I join the Private FB Community?
A: Just click here, request to join, and I'll add you!

For any questions not answered here, please head over to the Private FB Community for additional support.